Peoples’ Perceptions Surrounding Brunettes, Blondes or Redheads


What defines us as individuals is we all have different tastes and proclivities. We like to go to different places, prefer various types of food, have differing taste in music, films and book, basically we exercise person  preference in everything we do, from how we spend our leisure time to what sort of work we do. So obviously we have different types of women or men we fancy the most, having different  sexual preferences. After all we are not even all heterosexual and some people are bisexual, consequently swinging both ways. So it is only natural that some guys find blondes sexier and a bigger turn on than any other type of female. Some men go for brunettes or red heads, but it doesn’t end there. Of course our idiosyncratic taste in women or members of the opposite sex does not end there. Some gents prefer skinny ladies and others go to the other extreme and like more to cuddle. The image of the stereotypical voluptuous buxom blonde was born in the 50’s and 60’s with the Hollywood sex bombs, such as Marilyn Munro. There are Manchester escorts who fit every sort of criteria.

Blondes, brunettes or red heads

Of course the main one is blondes have more fun and brunettes are more intelligent, obviously there is a lot of Mythology and little foundation to these statements. Fashions change and over the decades girls have gone through phases where en mass women have dyed their hair, hence the expression bottle blonde. Some guys just like to be different and won’t go for these golden haired beauties as a matter of principal as they just want to buck the trend and go with a black girl instead. be it blondes, Latinas, or exotic ebony’s they all conjure up various types of erotic fantasies and images. Red heads have the reputation of being impulsive and fiery and many guys fantasise about them being hot to handle in bed, the thought turns them on. Some gents are dying to find out if  brunettes and olive skinned Latinas are as passionate and hot blooded as they are reputed to be. So even it men are not initially attracted to a certain type of woman, then curiosity may just get the better of them.  Arranging a date with a Manchester escort is one easy way of either being with your type of lady or a way of satisfying your curiosity.

Where the hair colour of your escort in Manchester does not matter

Many guys are more into the personality of the Manchester escort they ultimately go for. Others it is body shape or breast size. Teen escorts are popular irrespective of the shade of their locks and some go for the more mature experienced lady and again hair styling or colour is just a minor consideration. When looking for a companion to share a fun time with some gents are lured by specific services. No matter what your criteria is you are certainly spoilt for choice with